ceramic worktops

Ceramic worktops

Ceramic worktops – a new market leader?

Ceramic worktops – qualities

Ceramic worktops are made of 100% natural components. They are heat, stains and scratch resistant. They are also very hygienic, there is no chance of bacteria survival. Moreover, they are highly durable and thanks to new and constantly developed manufacturing methods you can now forget about unpractical tiled ceramic worktops, a nightmare to clean all the in between spaces. Ceramic worktops come now at longer lengths. Besides these high practical qualities, especially important in the kitchen area, they are also aesthetically pleasing. They come in a variety of colours, and constantly new palette of colours is being developed. Ceramic worktops, beautiful in themselves, can also mimic now highly popular copper and concrete worktops and importantly they come at a lower price. Summing up, ceramic worktops are highly durable, useful and aesthetic, importantly due to its relatively low price they can be quite competitive on the market of not only kitchen facilities.

Ceramic worktops – competitiveness

Kitchen countertops and worktops market is full of products. Offers range from natural stone products to engineered surfaces. Highly popular natural stone with their unique colors, each slab is different, depth and texture can make your kitchen alluring and classy. They stand for timeless elegance and to many people they are an obvious choice when furnishing the kitchen. At first sight it may seem that ceramic worktops can not possibly match with long lasting granite or royal gleaming marble but let’s consider few important factors.
First of all price. It’s a known fact that natural stones are rather expensive choice. Ceramic worktops can be quite competitive in this area, polishgranite.co.uk also has this kind of worktops in their offer. Very often they come at lower prices. Secondly, colors. Whereas, natural stones like granite, marble or soapstone have limited range of colors ceramic palette of available colors is being constantly developed. At the very moment you are reading this article engineers come up with new shades. Installation method. Ceramic is rather thick, hence easier and safer to install then other materials. Maintenance. In contrast to granite or marble it doesn’t require any special treatment.

Ceramic worktops – modern kitchen

It seems that ceramic worktops are gaining popularity now. The kitchen worktops market saturated with natural stones needs to develop into new directions, explore new possibilities to meet customers needs. Today’s world, lifestyle and families in a way demand, new suitable offers. People start looking for an alternative to expensive materials, something aesthetic yet durable. They become bored with limited range of natural stones and seek something new. Ceramic worktops are filling this space and definitely gaining a momentum. Therefore, it’s worth considering them when deciding on the kitchen worktop.

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodelling – why it’s worth your time

Kitchen remodeling – pros and cons

You have been thinking of kitchen remodeling for quite a time now. Yet there is no decision made. Tired of weighing all the pros and cons on the investment you let the decision wait. The world however won’t wait for you to make up your mind so better get to it.
What are the pros of kitchen remodeling? Well, there are many. First of all something made you consider the remodeling, probably something with your kitchen is not all right, old fashioned maybe, feeling like out of date, like taken right out of the movies about the middle ages, simply ugly and not functional. These reasons are not important, what is vital, is that something bothers you and that kitchen is very often the heart of home. You look after your heart and don’t let it deteriorate. Pros are therefore are keeping the kitchen attractive and functional. Consequently there are many follow up pros – comfortable and safe family life, saving up time, possible future return on this investment – when you may want to sell your house etc. You name it.
What are the cons of kitchen remodeling? It’s definitely time and money consuming. There is no way to avoid this. You just need to accept this as a fact. How much will you spend depends on the state of your kitchen, personal choice of the design and the material used. Remember however that there are many ways to save up on the remodeling.

Kitchen remodeling – materials

Contemporary market is full of offers. Materials range form cheap, self assembled products to quality stones and surfaces. Kitchen remodeling is an important decision, that’s why when you finally decide on it make sure that the way you spend your money truly matters. Cheap materials may be cheap but in the long run they may cost you more. It’s better to invest more once but make it last. During kitchen remodeling it may be worth to learn about the available quality materials (find more here www) and consider your needs to match the materials quality.
Kitchen worktops are at the heart of this space, therefore let’s focus on the possibilities here. Nowadays you can choose from a variety of kitchen worktops. Products range from natural stones, not always definitely expensive to engineered stones and surfaces.
Natural stones can give your kitchen classy, elegant touch and guarantee they will last long. Their unique colours, depth and texture are one of a kind. Granite, marble, soapstone they all can make your kitchen stand out. They are all resistant and durable, although each of them, since they are natural and not engineered have their weakness.
If natural stones are not to your satisfaction you can consider manufactured stones, which don’t have natural stones limitations. They have wider range of colours and surfaces can be smoother and therefore more resistant to impacts or splashing liquids. Carefully consider your choice and get to it.

Marble kitchen

Marble kitchen

Marble kitchen – kingdom relived

Marble origins

Marble is a metamorphic mineral rock. It’s a natural earth resource which due to its qualities has many applications. Its depth of colour and outstanding veining have attracted people from antiquity. The word marble is derived from Greek and stands for “the shining stone,” verbs “to sparkle” and “to gleam” may also refer to it and describe the nature of this unusual stone. Due to its relative softness and beautiful colours marble has been been used since the ancient times, sculpture, buildings and all variety of constructions are its possible applications. No wonder that marble has found its place in today’s world as well.

Marble modern applications

Today marble finds its place among others in traditional places like: bathroom worktops, marble kitchen countertops, fireplace constructions and generally all kinds of cladding, floors and walls. However, there are new applications gaining popularity nowadays, for example table toppings, doors trims, mirror frames and all variety of elements imaginable. Marble is great material for being creative. Nowadays you don’t need to have whole marble kitchen or long slabs on the wall it’s enough if you use it just as an addition, small element like maybe topping of the metal countertop, or an element of the facet. Whatever pleases you and satisfies your aesthetic needs.

Marble kitchen today

If you decide on furnishing your kitchen with marble firstly try to learn more about the history of this precious stone. Marble kitchen needs your time and attention for you to be able to use its potency to the fullest (more information www) The material is far too valuable to be wasted or not artfully crafted. Use its qualities to your advantage. Enlighten your dark kitchen with sparkling white marble, carefully examine its veining and depth of colour. Don’t waste your chance to make your kitchen look classy and elegant. However, you need to be careful and remember that marble in contrast to granite and other natural stones is softer material, hence it more susceptible to impacts and sharp objects like knives. Also it is rather porous material so be careful with liquids as they may be absorbed if not removed immediately. Still it doesn’t mean that marble kitchen can not be designed. You just need to remember marble qualities, be aware of your needs and possibilities of fabrication.

Marble royal associations

Furnishing your home with marble has one very significant advantage. Marble can make your house royal and elevate your social status. In the classical times and throughout history marble has been used in building palaces and temples for royal dynasties, monuments of legendary heroes and even temples of gods. Associated with luxury and wealth since the beginning of human history marble if treated with proper care and careful attention won’t spoil your kitchen. Allow yourself to relive the ancient kingdom and enjoy your meals in the marble kitchen.


Which stone?

Which stone can bear exposure to water, heat, sharp knives, and more thus providing the best worktop in a Kitchen?

To an outsider, it may not seem like such a big issue, “it’s merely a countertop”, “if I am able to cook on it, it’s good enough” but is it really? You can use it once and get the best results: no problems or issues, no damage, no extra cleaning. But no one uses it just once! Once you invest in a new kitchen, you have to just hope you made the right choices because you can’t change your mind so easily; that would waste a lot of time, effort and money. That’s why before picking whatever looks good or seems good, you must research on it… And that’s what this article will help you do.

  • Granite – This is the countertop material to pick when factors like money are no problem. So if you’re on a tight budget, it’s probably best to skip this paragraph. Granite exceeds it’s title as just a countertop material as it defines the kitchen. When granite is present, the kitchen automatically seems so much better. But granite is so much more than just a good looking material. It can withhold great amounts of heat, is available in a variety of shades such as whites, greens, blues, corals and beiges. Furthermore, they are really low maintenance, once they are installed, no special care is needed since they are extremely hard and can handle their job well. As I already mentioned, probably the biggest downside of granite countertops are the prices. They are getting cheaper but still, the prices are quite high and if improperly installed, the job will need to be done twice. So if you’re going to install granite countertops, do it right the first time!
  • Solid Surfacing – This is made primarily from acrylic and polyester. It is virtually maintenance free – no sealing or special cleaning required. No cracks are present (to trap dirt or debris) since seamless installation is used and lastly, you can also get them in a rainbow of colours and patterns since the look of them doesn’t really have to be “natural”. On the other hand that can make solid surface counters look fake and artificial. And even though scratches and burns can be sanded out, it can be a lot of effort because it doesn’t stand up to hot pans or sharp knives.
  • Quartz Surfacing – Fashioned from resin and quartz chips tinged with colour, quartz surfacing provides a perfect balance between ease of caring and beauty of the stone. It has a non-porous surface that helps resist scratches and it is much harder with depth, lucidity and radiance that can’t be found in other solid surfaces. Lastly, despite it being relatively pricey, its permanency can make it a worthy investment.
  • Marble – Unmatched in terms of its luminosity and distinctive patterns, it’s a choice everyone would pick if they could. Because of it’s monetary value, marble is rarely seen on the countertops of whole kitchens – many limit it to one or two small areas. As well as just looking good in your kitchen, it is waterproof and heatproof. However, marble needs constant maintenance as it is highly susceptible to stains, scratches and chipping.
  • Tile – This seems to be an excellent choice for secondary work surfaces, like islands, eat-at counters, wet bars etc. as it can be quite a demanding countertop surface with proneness to staining and damage from standing moisture. Furthermore, the uneven surface provided by tiles can make it difficult to roll out a pie crust or balance a cutting board. However, it is long-lasting and effortless to clean. On top of that, it is inexpensive and can holds its own against heat and sharp knives. Tiles offer endless options for colours and designs while working with almost any kitchen style, from impressive Old World to simply country styled kitchens.
  • Laminate – These counters are primarily made from kraft paper tinctured with resins fused to particle board. With a smooth surface that is really easy to clean and maintain, laminate countertops have been the backbone of many kitchens for decades. If you are on a tight budget, it’s a surprisingly great choice to pick as it is one of the most affordable countertop materials. On the downside, they susceptible to scratching, burning and if chipped, they are almost impossible to repair.
  • Concrete – In kitchens with oddly shaped and oddly placed countertops, concrete would be the best material to choose as it is usually cast right in your kitchen and tailored perfectly for you. Concrete stands up well to heavy use while simultaneously being heat and scratch resistant. Nevertheless, concrete is very heavy and will need strong support beneath. Lastly, without frequent sealing, it can stain easily. So if you’d like concrete countertops, be sure to keep it topped up!
  • Butcher block – Wooden countertops provide a beautiful warm look for your kitchen and can be found in a wide range of colours, patterns and finishes. They are especially suitable for traditional cottage-style and country kitchens. Despite being smooth and easy to clean, it is a mating home for bacteria and needs frequent disinfecting. There is a high possibility it will get scratched from knives but many people like the shop-worn look it develops. If you don’t, you can sand scratches down with ease.

In conclusion, it all narrows down to your budget and your preference. Concrete countertops might not be your cup of tea but if you have oddly shaped countertops, it might be the only material that works best. And while anyone would love to have granite countertops; if you’re on a tight budget, sadly you’ll have to let go of the idea. If you are looking for natural stone for your home please visit polishgranite website