Ceramic worktops

ceramic worktops

Ceramic worktops – a new market leader?

Ceramic worktops – qualities

Ceramic worktops are made of 100% natural components. They are heat, stains and scratch resistant. They are also very hygienic, there is no chance of bacteria survival. Moreover, they are highly durable and thanks to new and constantly developed manufacturing methods you can now forget about unpractical tiled ceramic worktops, a nightmare to clean all the in between spaces. Ceramic worktops come now at longer lengths. Besides these high practical qualities, especially important in the kitchen area, they are also aesthetically pleasing. They come in a variety of colours, and constantly new palette of colours is being developed. Ceramic worktops, beautiful in themselves, can also mimic now highly popular copper and concrete worktops and importantly they come at a lower price. Summing up, ceramic worktops are highly durable, useful and aesthetic, importantly due to its relatively low price they can be quite competitive on the market of not only kitchen facilities.

Ceramic worktops – competitiveness

Kitchen countertops and worktops market is full of products. Offers range from natural stone products to engineered surfaces. Highly popular natural stone with their unique colors, each slab is different, depth and texture can make your kitchen alluring and classy. They stand for timeless elegance and to many people they are an obvious choice when furnishing the kitchen. At first sight it may seem that ceramic worktops can not possibly match with long lasting granite or royal gleaming marble but let’s consider few important factors.
First of all price. It’s a known fact that natural stones are rather expensive choice. Ceramic worktops can be quite competitive in this area, polishgranite.co.uk also has this kind of worktops in their offer. Very often they come at lower prices. Secondly, colors. Whereas, natural stones like granite, marble or soapstone have limited range of colors ceramic palette of available colors is being constantly developed. At the very moment you are reading this article engineers come up with new shades. Installation method. Ceramic is rather thick, hence easier and safer to install then other materials. Maintenance. In contrast to granite or marble it doesn’t require any special treatment.

Ceramic worktops – modern kitchen

It seems that ceramic worktops are gaining popularity now. The kitchen worktops market saturated with natural stones needs to develop into new directions, explore new possibilities to meet customers needs. Today’s world, lifestyle and families in a way demand, new suitable offers. People start looking for an alternative to expensive materials, something aesthetic yet durable. They become bored with limited range of natural stones and seek something new. Ceramic worktops are filling this space and definitely gaining a momentum. Therefore, it’s worth considering them when deciding on the kitchen worktop.

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