Home office

Home office – a place to work

Space arrangement – remember the zones

Space hugely influences the way we feel and perceive the world around and ourselves. Space needs to be carefully arranged if it is to serve its purpose right. Think for example of huge corporate office spaces. Without careful planning and dividing these spaces into dedicated zones employees wouldn’t work effectively and would get tired easily. No matter the purpose each space needs to be planned ahead and organized in such a way as not to be overwhelming or threatening. Chaos and disorder are enemies of comfort and effectiveness (although there are exceptions to this rule as well.) How to make spaces comfortable? First of all, you need to remember about splitting the space into dedicated zones. If it’s the corporate office area it needs to be divided into working zones with places for everybody, there need to be places of relax and rest carefully separated from the working zone, there must be kitchen or places to socialize etc. The number of zones may vary, but one thing is certain, there always must be at least two separate zones – one for work and one for rest.

Home office – working zone

Home office is a popular idea nowadays. Due to computerization and information technologies development it’s easy to work from home. All you need is an internet access and proper equipment to work on. Many people consider it truly a great idea. After all, you don’t need to commute, don’t waste time and money on meals, talks with co-workers etc. In this situation it’s truly easy to forget about proper space arrangement. If you consider home office seriously in the long run you can’t simply work from any place in your house, wherever you can plug your laptop in. This way is careless and makes your work ineffective and tired easily. Careful division of zones, separate ones for work and rest is a must in this situation. Always choose a separate room (that’s the best solution) or a dedicated zone only for working. If you’re in this zone it means you’re at work. Other places in your home are for other things, like family time, cooking or simply resting. Try to always remember that.

Kitchen splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks – keep it clean

Kitchen splashbacks – the best materials

Kitchen splashbacks show how practicality can be combined with aesthetic design. In the example of kitchen splashbacks it’s easily visible how these two aspects are closely intertwined. Hence, it’s a really interesting part of kitchen to work on and design. Practicality is important because splashbacks are mainly there to prevent all the spills and splashes typically happening in the kitchen to damage your kitchen walls. This is highly important element in every kitchen, which helps to keep it clean, hygienic and bacteria free. Let’s however not forget about its esthetic qualities. After all, when entering someone’s kitchen what you notice first is countertop and right after that splashbacks. Hence, it’s really important to keep it not only practical but also pleasing and eye-catching. What are the best materials to use for kitchen splashbacks? How can you interestingly design this space to draw your guests eyes?

Materials that are always trendy and can be successfully used are marble, quartz or metallic additions like copper or gold and finally gaining momentum toughened glass. Design and colors depend on individual taste and kitchen installations. There is plenty of ideas to choose from and combine as you wish. Your imagination, kitchen space and budget is your only limit. What are sample fashionable ideas to make your kitchen splashbacks stand out? Good practices are for example tiles which can be arranged as layers and have different shapes. In this way you can easily fit them between overhanging furniture or installations. Another eye-catching idea is to use graphics. Properly fitted and sealed graphic can make your kitchen outstanding. Creative approach to color can also give your kitchen allure. Be bold and decide on vivid yellow or red or think of colored glass with its amazing glow. Finally, it’s always a good idea to mix materials. Choose classy marble splashback and add up some metallic parts in contrasting color. These are just a few of many ideas that you can use in your kitchen. To find inspiration just browse the internet and check out multiplicity of projects.

Kitchen splashbacks – spend some money, save your time

Kitchen splashback is an interesting space to work on and use to your advantage. However, this part of kitchen is very often overlooked when it comes to design. People mostly think of furnishing kitchen worktops and installing floor tiles. Very often they don’t give splashback a second though. It’s just there, space behind your cabinets of other appliances which needs to be colored and that’s all. It’s a sad practice, since there is so much to be done. Just think of the examples described above. And these are only the most typical. Still, they can truly set your whole kitchen off. The cost of designing kitchen splashback doesn’t have to be very high. It all depends on the material you choose and ways of installation. What’s important, however is to agree on spending some money and not trying to save up at everything possible. A little investment now can save your budget and time in the future.

Snow white marble

Snow white marble – invite the princess to your home

Snow white marble

Snow white marble can evoke all kinds of images in our heads. If you just think of the first two words, snow white, then you can probably see a Snow White princess from a classic fairytale. Snow White was called like that because of her white as snow cheeks. She’s known for her stunning beauty and quite a scary story but luckily ending in happy ever after. Snow white in this case stands for pure beauty not corrupted by evil and also for more philosophical purity of heart and inherent innocence. Let’s then switch to the second part, marble. Probably the images that come to your mind are spacious halls of white smooth walls, evoking images of stunning power and majesty. It’s all majestic and royal. Finally, what comes when you combine these three words snow white marble? What appears in your head? Is it a purely white clean surface with just a delicate sign of sparkle here and there?

Snow white marble in your house

No matter what comes to your mind when thinking of the name snow white marble can bring the fresh air and a royal touch to your house (see more here www.) What are its possible applications, where exactly can it fully shine? Snow white marble can be a very good idea to furnish  for example your kitchen. Purely white countertop with just a slight trace of veining underneath can draw your guests’ eyes and make your kitchen stand out. Situated in the very center of the kitchen snow white marble can be a perfect fit in the contemporary carefully organized kitchen. Just imagine a solitary kitchen island with marble top, it’s all surrounded by sleek cabinets with clean lines. Let them be all white as well. The sterile whiteness is only broken by intensely colorful decorations. There are a few plants. Their leaves are juicy green. On the table there can stand an orange vase with freshly cut meadow flowers.  Do you feel the power of snow white marble? Serving as an unobtrusive background marble, if combined with contrastive decorations can make your kitchen truly stunning. This is just one idea, get creative and think of more possibilities of snow white spaces.

Vintage kitchen

Vintage kitchen – a way to go

What exactly is vintage

Contemporary times like to go back and draw on the past. This regards all kinds of human activities and branches. There is nothing really surprising in using past as a source and inspiration. Creative reworking of the past is ongoing constantly. What changes is the way contemporary times approach the past. One of the very interesting keywords used to relate to past is the word vintage. Nowadays, more than ever we are bombarded from all sides with vintage styles, vintage outfits, vintage kitchen or vintage cars. It seems like everything is vintage. But what does it exactly mean apart from referring to mostly undefined past times?

The problem with vintage is that it can’t be honestly and simply defined. The definition of the word consist of a few words which themselves may seem vague. They are: nostalgia, age perception and visual impact. Nostalgia makes vintage rather personal and generation specific. This is basically a feeling we associate with things long gone, yet still missed. Like a model of TV from the 80s when we watched our favorite cartoons. The age perception refers to the natural process of aging. Things from the past simply look old. Modern vintage tries to recreate this appearance. Finally, visual impact refers to typical visual features of things from given times, like cadillacs from the 50s are famous for their tailfins.

Why vintage kitchen

Vintage kitchen is one of the examples of vintage styles. It’s good to remember vintage kitchen can refer to different times, therefore it can have various elements. Let’s choose one era and imagine vintage kitchen drawing on the late 40s, just before the changes introduced in the 50s. The typical elements of this kitchen are heavy stone countertops, the best are of course natural stone. They should be really big and take a relatively huge amount of space. Another typical elements are hardwood cabinets – they are rather solid and dominate the space. Modern vintage kitchen from the 40s will incorporate these typical elements and set them within contemporary context. A few decorations will prove that it’s just a reference to style and the 40s kitchen miraculously transferred.