Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurant Kitchen

Rules for a Restaurant Kitchen

Chefs along with their assistants need to operate in such a way that both employer and customer are left pleased. The kitchen area has to be thoroughly clean all the time and one must abide by all of the food safety standards. Listed below are a few rules that should be followed in a Restaurant’s kitchen:

  • All staff, including general managers and shift managers will need to have appropriate food safety understanding since the health inspectors will ask you questions regarding this, A restaurant often is charged a fee for demonstrating insufficient understanding of safe food handling methods.
  • Certainly one of the primary culprits of food-borne illnesses is person-to-person exposure because of unclean employee hands. All restaurant personnel should frequently and extensively clean their hands so as to safeguard consumers as well as the restaurant from a food poisoning outburst.
  • Fresh produce is not at all times cooked before serving up, so manually washing the produce is the single, most effective method to get rid of any bacteria that could be on it.
  • In an effort to exterminate any bacteria contained, food items have to be cooked properly to the minimum internal temperature and then keep up that temperature for a minimum of fifteen seconds.
  • Counter tops, utensils, cutting board, pans and pots as well as employee hands are food contact types of surface that must definitely be sanitised and cleaned before and even after they come into contact with food products.
  • Country health departments are the direct enforcers of health stipulations. If ever you are operating or opening a professional kitchen, you will need to be aware of the localised health codes to prevent fees and penalties or avoid food-borne illness breakouts.
  • Foods could be contaminated at any place along the supply chain, therefore it is crucial that food service providers obtain food items from permitted sources and be aware of when to reject or accept seafood, fresh meat and poultry.
  • Numerous mishaps could be avoided by utilizing proper attire and equipment in the Kitchen. Ensure all kitchen area staff have on correct chef whites.

Informations about quartz worktop

What you should know about quartz worktop

Quartz is becoming more and more popular material used in kitchen countertops manufacturing. Are you thinking about installing it in your kitchen as well? However, before you decide on it, there are several very important things related to this material that you should know. Firstly, quart is a manmade product. It is manufactured by combining different pigments and resins. Quartz is naturally occurring material but it is also the major element in engineered stones. The main benefit of installing quartz countertops is that it is very easy to clean. For everyday cleaning you need only the cloth, warm water and mild detergent.

There should be added that quartz is more durable than granite but it also is relatively maintenance-free – no polishing or sealing is required while granite countertops need to be sealed at least every six months. In this way, engineered stones are with fully consistent patterns and it is very easy to match segments for seams. Thanks to those qualities, quartz will be ideal material for high traffic areas. Moreover, quartz is non-porous and non-absorbent and therefore it will not harbor bacteria. In addition, it is stain-resistant from common household items such as coffee, tea and wine. Quartz comes also in great variety of colours and grains which make it very similar to granite or marble.

Quartz will provide your kitchen with the great natural look. However, as everything, quartz has some disadvantages. Before you install quartz in your kitchen, you should know that is also very expensive. Depending on the supplier, there is usually the range of pricing based on the style and colour. Remember that quartz should not be exposed to any abrasive and strong alkaline cleaners. By using them, you can eventually remove the finish. In addition, quartz is not chemical-resistant or fracture-resistant. Do not use any sealers or any topical treatment of any kind. Did you know that quartz can be damaged by force? It can also be damaged by sudden or rapid changes of temperature. Because of this reason, no matter what type of quartz you have, we recommend using the cutting board and the hot pad. Those items will not only protect your countertops but your cookware as well.

Because of that, quartz is not recommended for fireplaces. Moreover, quartz should not be exposed to UV rays for a long time. After a while, you will notice the difference between areas which were exposed to UV rays more than the other.  It is very smart to do research before you purchase any product. We would also like to underline that those who wish to have unique and original design can be unsatisfied with quartz countertops, as it is manmade material and any pattern can be repeated. To summarize the whole description, find what the best is for you and your needs. All material suppliers will have the product care and maintenance information available on their websites. However, you can always ask for it in person when choosing the material.

Kitchen designing ideas

Original Kitchen designing ideas

If you are not sure what trends are in, or what type of textures and materials you should use in your kitchen, we will tell you how you can update your kitchen in really original way. We would like to share with you some very useful ideas which will make your kitchen nice and designed fashionably. Following trends are not always the best option, but we want to present you what is worth your time, money and effort. When it comes to cabinets, hot trend is mixing and matching colours for more customized look. You can use contrasting colours, for example, white on the top and dark below. We also recommend highlighting your island with contrasting colour. Islands are placed in the middle of the kitchen space and because of that they should catch everyone’s eyes. Another really good idea is to decorate your cabinets with some open shelves above them.

However, be careful and keep proportion, because otherwise, you will make a mess in your kitchen. When it comes to the trendy colours of cabinets, white is still on the top. Moreover, grey or light green colours are also recommended, but we want to draw your attention to black countertops. They were trendy some time ago, but now this quite original idea is coming back again. If you like darker design, you can freely go for it. However, if you are going to sell your home, or you are renovating it especially for rent or sale, do not do that. There are not so many fans of such kitchen colour, so choose something more neutral. The next very interesting idea is to put some colorful and patterned backsplashes.

In this way, you will add very original look to your kitchen, but again it is very specific trend. If you are going to sell your home, we do not recommend it. Of course, we encourage you to play with texture but not in the conventional way – mix and match various textures on different places in your kitchen. As far as countertops materials are concerned, quartz is now one of the most popular one. Quartz does not only look great but it is also very durable. Thanks to those qualities, quartz is perfectly suitable for all busy kitchens.

Every useful and practical is installation of hands-free faucet. Colorful sinks will be also trendy solution, but if you think about something more traditional, you can also go for stainless steel or white farmhouse sink. Although colour makes appearance and adds character, when selling, rather avoid installation such colorful elements. In many kitchens, there are microwaves above stoves. Get rid of them and install wood or metal range hood instead. Last but not least, even the most important, is to adjust your kitchen design to other rooms. Thanks to such design, your kitchen will really become the heart of your home. If you introduce some ideas to your kitchen, undoubtedly, it will become practical, beautiful and trendy. Keep in mind that this is the room which should be designed with the greatest care and attention.

Bathroom vanity top under sink

Bathroom vanity top under sink – what to take into consideration when choosing and buying?

Recently, it became very fashionable to create under the sink worktops. They provide additional usable space on which we can put our cosmetics, accessories, toiletries etc. They are an integral part of the bathroom, so they have to interact with the overall arrangement, but that’s not all. The bottom line is, above all, for them to be durable, resistant and functional. In this article, we advise you how to choose the bathroom vanity worktops under the sink, so you can be fully satisfied with your purchase.

Choosing bathroom vanity worktops for under the sink – issues that need to be considered

  • The first thing you should consider before choosing a worktop is the amount of available financial resources. When determining your budget you will know how much you can spend on the material which the worktops will be composed of, and the accessories needed for its installation. With a smaller amount of money you should aim for cheaper products, e.g. Ceramic tiles, laminate worktops, metal or glass. On the other hand, when having a larger amount of money there is nothing to stop you from buying bathroom vanity worktops under the sink that are made of wood, natural stone or conglomerate. They are quite expensive, but nonetheless durable and beautiful, so they will also fulfil an aesthetic function.
  • Another issue is the cabinet. You know that stone worktops made out of conglomerate for example can be really heavy, so they have to be deposited on solid or reinforced cabinets. This in turn generates an additional cost, because you may find that the existing furniture does not meet the necessary criteria and in the end it proves to be necessary to purchase new good quality furniture – and as we well know, their prices are not the lowest. However, in order to have a strong and durable worktops with an under worktop sink, it is worth investing a little more time and money, and be satisfied with the results for good. After all you do not want to spend money on solutions that do not meet your expectations.
  • The next big thing to consider is the size. A worktop must fit into the space provided – this is obvious. Therefore, you should carefully measure the length and width of the available space. But before you start it, you should level the cabinet and the wall to which they adhere. Then the final effect will be aesthetic and satisfying, and all the elements will perfectly fit together, and you won’t have to fear that after the installation of the bathroom worktops under the sink unsightly gaps will appear in between the wall and the worktop, which cannot be masked, unless with silicone or a special strip.
  • Next, you need to decide on the type of sink. Currently on the market there are the inset or undermounted sinks. Which one you choose remains entirely up to you. This is of considerable importance because it determines the site for the installation. In each case it is necessary to choose the sinks which have inserts for special tap holes. Their size and shape must be fitted according to the furniture and worktop. Unfortunately, the execution of holes in the under worktop bathroom sinks requires the use of appropriate drilling equipment, likely acquired by specialists. Naturally, you need to take advantage of their help and pay a little sum for their help. Of course, as with every other job it will get expensive the more difficult it will be to process and cut the material, so you need to keep this in mind.
  • The last thing you should bear in mind is the colour. Bathroom worktops for under the sink are part of the overall composition, so they have to interact with the arrangement, especially regarding the colour. The best solution are neutral shades. Apart from this the classic white, black, beige and brown look pristine in combination with intense colours, they are versatile and elegant, so you might want to aim precisely in this colour palette.

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