ceramic worktops

Ceramic worktops

Ceramic worktops – a new market leader?

Ceramic worktops – qualities

Ceramic worktops are made of 100% natural components. They are heat, stains and scratch resistant. They are also very hygienic, there is no chance of bacteria survival. Moreover, they are highly durable and thanks to new and constantly developed manufacturing methods you can now forget about unpractical tiled ceramic worktops, a nightmare to clean all the in between spaces. Ceramic worktops come now at longer lengths. Besides these high practical qualities, especially important in the kitchen area, they are also aesthetically pleasing. They come in a variety of colours, and constantly new palette of colours is being developed. Ceramic worktops, beautiful in themselves, can also mimic now highly popular copper and concrete worktops and importantly they come at a lower price. Summing up, ceramic worktops are highly durable, useful and aesthetic, importantly due to its relatively low price they can be quite competitive on the market of not only kitchen facilities.

Ceramic worktops – competitiveness

Kitchen countertops and worktops market is full of products. Offers range from natural stone products to engineered surfaces. Highly popular natural stone with their unique colors, each slab is different, depth and texture can make your kitchen alluring and classy. They stand for timeless elegance and to many people they are an obvious choice when furnishing the kitchen. At first sight it may seem that ceramic worktops can not possibly match with long lasting granite or royal gleaming marble but let’s consider few important factors.
First of all price. It’s a known fact that natural stones are rather expensive choice. Ceramic worktops can be quite competitive in this area, polishgranite.co.uk also has this kind of worktops in their offer. Very often they come at lower prices. Secondly, colors. Whereas, natural stones like granite, marble or soapstone have limited range of colors ceramic palette of available colors is being constantly developed. At the very moment you are reading this article engineers come up with new shades. Installation method. Ceramic is rather thick, hence easier and safer to install then other materials. Maintenance. In contrast to granite or marble it doesn’t require any special treatment.

Ceramic worktops – modern kitchen

It seems that ceramic worktops are gaining popularity now. The kitchen worktops market saturated with natural stones needs to develop into new directions, explore new possibilities to meet customers needs. Today’s world, lifestyle and families in a way demand, new suitable offers. People start looking for an alternative to expensive materials, something aesthetic yet durable. They become bored with limited range of natural stones and seek something new. Ceramic worktops are filling this space and definitely gaining a momentum. Therefore, it’s worth considering them when deciding on the kitchen worktop.

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The proper everyday care of granite countertops

Granite is beautiful and very durable natural stone. Because of these reasons, granite may be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room and even outside. Granite is also known to be quite easy to clean. However, before we decide on installation of expensive granite element we should know how exactly granite should be cleaned. Granite is widely used in kitchen countertops manufacturing. We cut, mince, slice and generally do all staff connected with cooking, what of course is the main purpose of each kitchen, but this results in dirt on our countertops almost all the time. Because of the fact that we need to clean it regularly, we will start with the instruction and some advices how to quick make our granite countertops cleaned and glossy again. If thereis only dust, grains, scattered sugar or coffee, on a countertop then usually a little bit of washing-up liquid with water is enough. Nevertheless, remember that if you push the sponged too much, your countertop may be scratched by those little grains. Once you have got rid of all grain, rinse the sponge and clean it one more time to remove grain residue. When it comes to more complex cleaning, you should not use products containing ammonia, bleach or any other cleaner which is not specifically designated for natural stones. Although some products may not damage the surface of your countertop, but definitely they cause that a stone will deteriorate more quickly. Under no circumstances, use any drain or toiled cleaners on the countertops. Chemicals contained in such products may permanently discolored and damage the surface of the countertop. Very useful advice is also to use coaster for your drinks. Acid liquids may leave really difficult to clean stains. In addition, do not leave spilled liquid longer than it is necessary, because the longer it remains on the surface, the more higher the chance for it to penetrate into the stone. Instead of wiping, try to let the spill soak into your cloth. Thanks to this, you will avoid spill spreading any further. In case of stains development, there is no need to be worry as most of them can be removed by the effective and easy-to-use stain remover. Such process is really inexpensive. If you do not have a special butcher countertop in the middle of your kitchen, then remember about using cutting boards any time you cut because even granite surfaces are likely to scratch. Moreover, the result of cutting directly on countertops is that knifes become blunted more quickly.

Despite fact that granite and other natural stones are durable, the proper care and cleaning are compulsory. Remember to do it on the regular basis, not only because it is easier to maintain countertops clean all the time, or clean one small stain that the cover of grease, but also because such  proper care will provide countertops with decades of elegance and practicality. Yourcountertops’ beautiful appearance retains and you can enjoy them every day.

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Types of granite in our kitchen

Granite is known to be absolutely resistant and durable raw material. Not only it is really utility but also look aesthetically and elegant. Moreover, each natural stones is unique and thereby each countertops made from any natural stone are one of its kind and inimitable. Because of these reasons, granite is said to be one of the most popular and “friendly” stones used in our kitchens. A lot of people decide on granite countertops, because they are absolutely stylish and fulfil its role perfectly. Granite countertops are easy to maintain, and inconsumable. However, the best effects can be brought only if we properly match colours of our cabinetry and countertops. This article includes several types of granite which you can choose for your countertops manufacturing, depending on what is the colour of your kitchen cabinetry. In general, most cabinets are white, brown (generally in dark colours) or cherry. We will tell you which type of granite and why it will be perfect for your kitchen. This is really important, because if colours do not go, then even the most expensive and beautiful stone look not really good.

Brown, in dark general, cabinets look absolutely amazing with wonderful white background granite. It should not be totally white, but some additional grey or brown spots, will add more charm. Thanks to white and grey tones of a countertop create a beautiful contrast between colors, this combination will be outstanding. The other really original type of granite is Oscuro Satin Mist Granite. Such black granite with white elements will be suitable for all kitchens. Although, combination of black colour with the other dark one may seem unnatural, the final effects are really great. Undoubtedly, if we our cabinetry is in white colour, then this type of granite will be perfect and no two ways about it.

Another type we want to recommend is Giallo Ornament Granite. That is the light stone but speckled with natural brown and gray colours which will achieve a glamour style for kitchen cabinetry. Dominating white base will bring the effects of larger and more spacious kitchen. Moreover, the stainless equipment together with such light countertop create illusion of reflecting light from the window and attractive fixtures.

Next type of  Indian original granite is Tan Brown Granite. This stone features a consisten pattern of black, brown, and dark red colours. It will be the most sutiable for the light brown or wooden cabinetry. Elegant stainless equipment will look much more smart.

Cherry cabinetry perfectly goes with stones such Santa Cecilia Granite, Ivory Brown Granite, Gold antique Granite, Tan Brown Granite, Cosmic Black Granite. All three first types are in light colours. Thanks to this, between the cabinetry and countertops, there is created contrast which adds charm and beauty to the kitchen. The other two types are dark with some light elements. They are the great option if the floor and walls in your kitchen are light. Otherwise, there might be a little bit too dark.