Steel grey surfaces

Steel grey surfaces – modern interiors

What’s modern

grey stoneModernity has many faces. One of them is interior home design and style. When it comes, to modern home interiors there are three things that are most important – these are minimalism, simplicity and usability. These three things make our home interiors modern and create interesting spaces. What are the most important things here? First of all, minimalism  refers to the minimal number of things that are in a given space, think for example of only the most essential items, furniture and appliances. In case of simplicity it’s the most important to have things that have simple design and clean lines. Finally, with regards to usability think of such things as practical aspects of things.

Modern interiors are also characterised by colours. Steel grey is one of the most important colours that very often tend to dominate our home interiors. Apart form steel grey, other natural or neutral colours are also popular – these are all shades of brown, beige, white and of course black. Yet, when it comes to home interiors many people choose steel grey for variety of surfaces. For example, steel grey is very popular as colours for walls, ceilings, other construction elements like pillars and such surfaces as worktops or tables. Steel grey is so popular because it coordinates well with all kinds of interiors and colours.

Steel grey surfaces

Steel greySteel grey surfaces such as granite worktops can make great additions to people’s houses. On the one hand, steel grey granite worktops are very durable and resistant to multiplicity of factors, therefore they are very practical, and on the other hand they are very attractive. After all, granite is known for its unique colouring and underlying veining. Steel grey granite surfaces are eye-catching and beautiful. On the one hand, they are shiny and glimmer slightly, which makes them really easy to notice and at the same time makes them also difficult to disregard. Than, on the other hand they are substantial and their colour is quite intense, to the point of being overwhelming.

Still, whether you have a traditional interior which is dominated by heavy and pretty solid farmhouse furniture or your interiors are full of clean lines and smooth surfaces you can be sure that steel grey granite surface will look great and elegant. Of course, you can also decide to design your worktop as you wish to make it more suitable to your preferences – think for example of type of polish (completely matt or shiny), or consider type of edges (should they be cleanly cut or you want them to be rough). All in all, there’s plenty of possibilities here.

Steel grey granite

Steel grey granite – sleek modernity

Modern day interiors

Modern day interiors appear at different sizes, designs and arrangements. It’s really not easy to decide what are typically and definitively modern features. There is simply too much polyphony, too many ideas and patterns. All of them are mixed and interlaced. It’s like chorus singing a song. There is a one leading trace but it’s overwhelmed by the multiplicity of voices and tones. Still, it’s possible to trace it and see what truly makes the song.

Hence, modern day interiors can be also clearly defined. If only you take enough time to discern the defining factors. First of all, modern is all about simplicity. Modern interiors have clean lines and clear edges. The routes are simple, crisscross at defined and orderly angles and are really easy to navigate. Secondly, they are minimalistic. There is no unnecessary clutter in modern day interiors. Finally, the practicality and functionality is the priority. There is no design that can overcome this.

Steel grey granite

Modern interiors seem to be difficult to arrange. It looks like everything must be carefully planned and arranged according to a set of predefined rules. Whereas it’s all true this doesn’t have mean that modern interiors are dull, boring or uninviting. It all depends on your own creativity and certain openness for new and unexplored. Just follow the example described below to get the feeling how modern day kitchen can be both highly practical and easy to navigate and welcoming and cozy.

Although, steel grey granite may not seem like an obvious choice for such a kitchen it really can be. Steel grey granite kitchen countertop is perfect idea fitting modern day interiors. Just imagine this countertop fitted in line with kitchen cabinets. They are all whites and clearly defined. Steel grey stands out but in a positive way. It corresponds well with all the small metallic elements like handles or knobs and paradoxically breaks the sterile air of white washed kitchen. Just one element, that is slightly different can make a huge difference and make your kitchen truly welcoming.