Granite colours

Granite colours – what’s out there

Granite colours – why they’re so unique

When it comes to granite there are so many possibilities of its colour. Although, at first sight it may look that colours’ options are somehow limited that’s not entirely true. Why is that? First of all, let’s come to terms with the fact that there’s a lot more colours of engineered stones. It’s a fact. Colours of materials that undergo processing and careful engineering can be modified. As a result, there’s a variety of possible colours. Still, they can never make up for natural rocks’ colours. Granite colours are simply exquisite and truly unique.

Granite colours’ powers come exactly from the fact that they can’t be manipulated. That’s their inner strength and true value. You should keep in mind that granite colours come in variety. Basically, you can choose from such granite colours as: blacks, browns (including beautiful Baltic brown), greys, reds, yellow and even light shades of grey mixed with white. Interestingly, there aren’t two identical granite slabs. This results from the fact that each granite slab has a unique veining and number of grains that effectively differentiate it from others.

Granite colours – possible applications

Granite has plenty of applications. Some of them result from their unique colours and veining, others are connected purely with their practical qualities. What are the most important granite qualities that make it perfect for outdoor structures or kitchen countertops? First of all, granite is a very hard natural stone. Therefore, it’s highly durable and really  difficult to scratch. Apart from high durability granite can be also distinguished by its resistance to variety of harmful factors such as: heavy rains, high temperature fluctuations, heat, various kinds of bacteria and many others.

Granite applications are for example, indoor and outdoor staircases, kitchen countertops, bathroom worktops, flooring, wall cladding and many other. If you search long enough you can find such curious elements as for example granite cubes used for cooling drinks or granite paperweights.

Diamond floor pattern

Diamond floor pattern – find your way

What’s floor pattern

Kitchen and the way it looks very often depends on wall paint, kitchen countertop, furniture or appliances. Sometimes it’s all of them combined that make the kitchen atmosphere. Yet, let’s not forget about one very important element, that is about kitchen floor. Although, at first sight it may seem that kitchen floor isn’t so important and doesn’t really draw attention of your guests, very often it’s just the opposite. It’s the kitchen floor that makes all the difference. Although, sometimes difficult to notice at the first sight it’s the floor that creates kitchen atmosphere.

Interestingly, the power of kitchen floor doesn’t solely depend on tiles’ colour or design. It’s very often the floor pattern that has the most powerful effects. Why is that? It’s because there are so many possible floor patterns that they can effectively change the way your kitchen looks. One of them is diamond floor pattern. What does it look like and when it’s best to decide on diamond floor pattern? Diamond floor pattern refers to the pattern in which tiles aren’t laid out in straight lines, but in such a way that tiles suddenly look like diamonds.

Diamond floor pattern

Diamond floor pattern looks really good, but unfortunately it can be tricky to be laid out. Horizontal straight lines are easy to be laid, there’s not much work to be done here. With diamond flor pattern there are a few complications. To prepare ahead for such a task you need to get tile cutter (it’s a must be for this type of floor pattern,) tile adhesive that’s strong enough to keep all the tiles in place and spacers. Before you even start thinking of diamond pattern be sure to choose the right type of tiles (pay special attention to colours and patterns) and you’re sure of kitchen’s space.

Interestingly, with diamond floor patterns it’s best to have enough space available. With small kitchens floor diamond pattern may not look effective at all. In such cases it’s much better to keep to traditional horizontal lines. Sometimes, it’s not good to be too creative while remodelling.

Exterior cladding

Exterior cladding – possibilities

House exterior cladding

Exterior or external cladding is very often the very first thing people see when they look at houses. Exterior cladding is what makes the difference and what really sets your house off. There’s plenty of possible choices when it comes to exterior cladding, there’s multiplicity of materials and techniques. Luckily, with technology development we can count on constant improvements and surprises with regards to cladding. What are the choices as for today?

First of all, you can always go with economic option, that is you can choose cement. Cement wall and cladding has been popular for ages. One reason for this is of course related to relatively cheap cost, but it also results from its easiness and effectiveness. Cement exterior cladding is easy to make and relatively durable. It’s a strong material that’s resistant to variety of outside factors. Interestingly, cement cladding don’t need be boring. With modern approach you can find plenty of interesting designs and ideas.

Luckily, today you’re not limited to cement. If you’re thinking of something special in case of your exterior cladding you can also choose from: weatherboards (very often playfully coloured), variety of acrylic surfaces or variety of other systems of exterior cladding that are made of other, very often mixed materials and come in multiplicity of colours, shapes and textures. Today’s choices are really interesting, and what’s important, colour isn’t the only distinguishing factor.

Granite exterior cladding

Granite cladding is also an interesting choice. Granite, which is highly durable and resistant to variety of harmful factors is a great material for external structures. External walls clad with granite are becoming more and more popular. Interestingly, you can also think of having a whole house with granite cladding. There’s no one to limit your imagination and creative vision. Nowadays, it’s very popular to have the first half of wall in granite and the second in cement. Additionally, you can also think of having granite clad wall surrounding your garden or of other similarly interesting garden structures.

Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage – practical ideas

Kitchen storage – modern kitchen

Kitchen is a very important place in most houses. That’s the very center of everyday activities and life. Modern day kitchen is even more so. When you think of contemporary kitchens you can easily notice a few things, these are: simplicity concerning all aspects of kitchen from space organization to locations of decorative elements, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, minimalism that attracts your eyes and makes you feel at ease, careful furniture arrangement, clean lines and edges, and finally the general impression of smoothness and cleanliness All these characteristic features make modern day kitchen highly functional, easy to move around and prepare food. Interestingly, all these won’t be achieved without suitable kitchen storage units. How does kitchen storage looks like in modern day kitchens?

Kitchen storage in contemporary kitchens needs to be carefully planned and thought about in advance. To have effective kitchen storage first of all you need to have dedicated storage areas and units. It’s best to divide areas and units according to the type of things you’re going to store there. For example keep all kitchen smaller utensils close at hand in practical drawers next to kitchen countertop and all the spices can be kept in separate canisters and jars within your reach, easily accessible at all times. Basically, when it comes to kitchen storage ideas you need to remember about careful space arrangement and proper storage containers located in places where they are easily accessed and can be effectively used.

Kitchen storage – popular ideas

When it comes to practice you can find your own way of organizing storage areas and units. It’s really helpful to have a look around in your friends’ kitchens or check online sources. Interestingly, there’s really plenty of ideas with pictures illustrating storage ideas that work best in various kinds of kitchens. When it comes to practical solutions, keep in mind that not all the ideas can work for you or your kitchen. You need to work them out so they really serve you and make your life easier, and not more difficult.