Kitchen flooring

Kitchen flooring – practical tips

Kitchen flooring – materials

Kitchen flooring is an important part of your home design. Although, it tends to be overlooked while deciding on design or décor it’s a vital part of your kitchen, that can truly make a difference. There are many materials that you can choose from deciding on kitchen flooring, but be careful to firstly consider all the particularities of kitchen environment, that is take into account all the harmful factors that can impact the way your kitchen flooring looks. After all, you need your kitchen to be practical and highly functional, and only later aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. The harmful factors that you need to take into consideration are: humidity and possible liquid splashes, heat and possible burnings, heavy impacts and remains of food that can fall down on the floor and be forgotten. These are just the basic kitchen-specific factors that can influence the way your floor looks. Be sure to keep them in mind when deciding on kitchen flooring materials.

Luckily, the newest trends are constantly developing and despite the limitations there is more and more materials to choose from, when it comes to kitchen flooring. For example, starting from cheaper solutions there is rubber flooring, linoleum flooring, vinyl flooring or tiles. From more unusual options you can choose from stone floor or ceramic tiles or set on industrial style and choose concrete or resin flooring. When it comes to wood, it’s better to set on engineered wood which is better suited to withstand all the above mentioned harmful factors. Finally, apart from difficult conditions you need to also think about underfloor heating or other possible options.

Kitchen flooring and worktops – effective combinations

If you’re looking for effective combinations of kitchen elements, good idea is to think of coordinating flooring with worktop design. Basically, there are two ways to achieve great results. Firstly, you can decide on the same finish (matt or shiny) and go with the same or closely similar color. Only imagine light brown engineered wood flooring combined with light brown granite worktop. Both of them shiny and smooth and reflecting the light in unison. Another idea to go is to use the same color but different finishes. This design is a really interesting solution and can have a great effect. Imagine highly polished ceramic tiles flooring, all black and shiny staying in contrast to pitch black and matt marble worktop. This too looks like an interesting idea.

Granite worktops online quote

Granite worktops online quote – be wise

Granite worktops online quote – calculate your remodeling

Remodeling is on fashion now. Everything is fast advancing and constantly moving forward. You don’t want to be left behind. This includes not only your personal development but also your house or flat. After all, your house is a place where you spend most of the time and you want to feel comfortable and at ease. To feel like that it’s not enough to have your house clean and orderly. You need to have it functional and easy to navigate. Finally, you need it pleasant to look at and filled with beautiful things. Remodeling is a must from time to time. To keep your home fresh and inviting and enjoy your free time you need to change things as they get older or fall out of fashion over time.

While remodeling you can change many things or just one, but very significant. It all depends on your personal needs and budget. One tip that is good to keep in mind is that it’s always better to consider things in the long run and decide on quality over quantity. These two can keep you on the safe side when remodeling and save you from spending too much money on unnecessary things. To give an example of wise approach to remodeling let’s consider buying new granite worktop for your kitchen. As we know natural stones as granite aren’t cheap, but due to their qualities they are worth the money spent. Granite worktops are highly durable, resistant to such factors as heat, moist or heavy impacts and scratches. Hence, they can last long and retain their qualities. They are also pleasant to look at, with dense grains and unique coloring.

Granite worktops online quote – how to do it

Before deciding on installing granite worktop it’s best to get granite worktops online quote. How does it work? It’s all pretty simple. Most of the granite suppliers have online websites with a quote option available. When you want to get granite worktops online quote just enter the website of the supplier you’re interested in and type the necessary information to get a quote. After you filled all the required boxes just click the button send and wait for information. Usually there are two types of quote calculating forms. In the first one after filling the information you get the quote instantly, in the second you need to send the form to the supplier and wait for information. Still, they are both very simple and useful tools, that can help you calculate your remodeling and plan it wisely. In this way, you are also able to compare prices, see what are the competitors offers and learn more of the product you’re interested in.

Coordinating color scheme

Coordinating color scheme – a way to go

Coordinating color scheme – on the modern side

Coordinating modern scheme can make your rooms appear modern and fashionable. It doesn’t cost much to arrange spaces using coordinating color scheme. It requires only a dose of creativity and a feeling of  balance and harmony. Moreover, applying the same color to your furniture or decorations throughout a few rooms is in line with modern designs. The same color scheme running through a few rooms makes the space appear carefully organized and planned. The repeating pattern and clear lines flowing through your house or flat give the rooms a touch of synchrony and order. They are easy to navigate through and move around. All these features make them modern. After all, modern space are all about carefully planned organization, clean lines, clearly cut edges without clutter and chaotic placements of unnecessary things. In practice coordinating color scheme is not as easy as it seems. You can’t just use white furniture in a few rooms or have the same walls’ color. These are dull and unwelcoming. You need to break the scheme with other elements, typical for given spaces. Consider the ideas presented below.

Coordinating color scheme – a few tips

Coordinating color scheme is all about setting a proper tone of your design and using it to link spaces. For example choose milky white color for your open plan kitchen and continue this theme in  the adjoining dining area with milky table, then go farther to the living room area with slightly darker shade of original milky white. And you get it, the living room is all about beige and dark brown but it’s smoothly linked to the starting point – that is the kitchen. Coordinating color scheme is a perfect solution for large open spaces, it can serve as a reference point and linking scheme. In this way rooms are separate but at the same time their unity is maintained. Remember only to use slightly different shades of color and break the uniformity with decorative elements typical for each space. In the kitchen play with cabinet colors, dining room can stand out with intensely colored chairs and living room with a few decorations like pillows.

Home office

Home office – a place to work

Space arrangement – remember the zones

Space hugely influences the way we feel and perceive the world around and ourselves. Space needs to be carefully arranged if it is to serve its purpose right. Think for example of huge corporate office spaces. Without careful planning and dividing these spaces into dedicated zones employees wouldn’t work effectively and would get tired easily. No matter the purpose each space needs to be planned ahead and organized in such a way as not to be overwhelming or threatening. Chaos and disorder are enemies of comfort and effectiveness (although there are exceptions to this rule as well.) How to make spaces comfortable? First of all, you need to remember about splitting the space into dedicated zones. If it’s the corporate office area it needs to be divided into working zones with places for everybody, there need to be places of relax and rest carefully separated from the working zone, there must be kitchen or places to socialize etc. The number of zones may vary, but one thing is certain, there always must be at least two separate zones – one for work and one for rest.

Home office – working zone

Home office is a popular idea nowadays. Due to computerization and information technologies development it’s easy to work from home. All you need is an internet access and proper equipment to work on. Many people consider it truly a great idea. After all, you don’t need to commute, don’t waste time and money on meals, talks with co-workers etc. In this situation it’s truly easy to forget about proper space arrangement. If you consider home office seriously in the long run you can’t simply work from any place in your house, wherever you can plug your laptop in. This way is careless and makes your work ineffective and tired easily. Careful division of zones, separate ones for work and rest is a must in this situation. Always choose a separate room (that’s the best solution) or a dedicated zone only for working. If you’re in this zone it means you’re at work. Other places in your home are for other things, like family time, cooking or simply resting. Try to always remember that.