grey granite off cuts

How can you use granite off cuts?

During the processing of natural stone a lot of scrap is created and it is a valuable product. Yes, the scraps  have different shapes, sizes and textures, but nothing prevents you to use them in a creative way. They have excellent durability and a great look, so they can be used for interior decoration or in the garden. You have no idea what to do with granite off cuts? We have a few suggestions. Perhaps you’ll love one of them.

Granite off cuts – ideas for use

  1. Fireplace – is probably one of the most popular uses of granite off cuts. Due to the fact that they are non-combustible and resistant to high temperatures they can be used for the fireplace or lining the floor around it. You only need to choose the right color (important note – it should match the shade of walls and furniture), and come up with a pattern to take action. It will fit in arrangement and will form an integral part of it.
  2. Wall – granite off cuts can also be used to decorate one wall in the living room or the space between the cabinets in the kitchen. They can also be used to mask inequalities on the walls and create one original composition, which will attract the eye of everyone who looks at it. In terms of patterning and color selection – there is full freedom. You just have to let your imagination run wild and utilize your creativity. It should be also added that the granite does not absorb water, and thanks to its perfectly smooth surface, its structure does not absorb water, so keeping it in a pristine condition does not require multiple treatments.
  3. Table – what else can you do with granite off cuts (the material you will buy here: Bespoke-Worktops)? Use them to decorate the table! Just stick it to the top and you’re done. It is only important that the selection of granite off cuts have a smooth surface, similar color and straight edges, so that the distances between them are almost equal, which is very aesthetically pleasing look.
  4. Elevation – granite off cuts are perfectly suited to decorate and secure the house facade against moisture. They are very resistant to adverse weather conditions and their durability is legendary. They come in various colors, which mostly consists of shades of green, so you can easily compose them with white, meringue, browns etc., Which are the most popular colors of the external plaster.
  5. Stairs – granite off cuts are also suitable for cladding the stairs, but then you need to choose those with a matt surface. Perfectly smooth granite off cuts will not work out, because in case of rain, snow or frost they will be so slippery that walking on them would be risky.
  6. Fences – another way to use scrap – walls and concrete pillars in the fences. Decorating them with granite off cuts will bring an elegant and luxurious expression. Besides, they will be protected against the adverse conditions, such as high and low temperature and humidity.
  7. Paths, walkways – stone scrap can also be used to line the paths in the garden or walkway leading to the door of the property. Not only do they look elegant, they are very durable and resistant. It is a natural material that looks great on a vegetation background.
modern kitchen with white cabinets

Take a use of the space above your cabinetry

Have you ever wondered what to do with the space over your kitchen cabinet? We would like to instruct you how you can decorate it easily and at low cost.

The first step is to take the measurement of your cabinet. You should star measuring from the top moulding part of your cabinet. Remember that between the top of the cabinet and your ceiling should be 18 inches (about 45 cm). Really important thing is that this space should be measured not from the moulding part of your cabinet but from the recessed part to the ceiling. Such detail plays a key role in the whole process of decorating, because if your space is less than 18 inches, then you had better not decorate at all. The problem is that putting anything on the top of cabinets will simply look unaesthetically. In most of your kitchens, probably in the top of the cabinetsfor many years, there has been placed greenery which not only does not look good, but also collects a lot of dust. If this refers to you, you had better take this entire staff as soon as it possible and get rid of it. Now, you can think about what can replaced those awful and awkward decorations.

Actually, anything you opt for will be appropriate, but the best effect will be brought by works of art or some kitchen accessories. No matter what you choose, you should remember about mildness and the consistency of your items. In addition, keep in mind that always bigger items look much better than the smaller ones as they just more visible, and no one has to think what it exactly is. If you collect your accessories, then you can proceed with decorating. We really want to draw your special attention to the role of your accessories which should decorate the interior, not make a mess. Imagine that the tops of your cabinets are glass cases and you need to beautifully display your items. First of all, you should use something to elevate your decorations. For such purpose, it is recommended to take something what you already have in your home, for example, an old and unnecessary big book. It will be invisibleat all, so there is no need to waste your money on buying something new. Moreover, you should group your items. Do not put them chaotically, but logically, make kind of “clusters”. Another important thing is to find a balance between colours of your cabinet and decorations. If your cabinet is in more extravagant color like green or orange, as your decoration choose something in soft colours like white or beige. If your cabinets are brown, or white, then you can go for more bold items.

However, remember that such decorations should not be the first thing which catch your and guests’ attention. The same refers to the style, so if your cabinets are rather old-fashioned, modern decorations will not suit to them, and vice versa, modern cabinetry will not go with some antiques such old watch or vase. In case of long cabinets with the same height, you should find a focal point – one the best place where you can put your items. Remember about these several tips and your cabinets and thereby kitchen will charm everyone.

Finding new purpose for offcuts and leftovers from construction work

Planning a home construction or a huge renovation can be tricky, that’s for sure. You have to take every possible factor into the account and you need to properly balance your budget before you even start thinking about starting the main phase of refurb or construction works. That is why it is worth calculating how much of the leftover materials will be reusable and how much of the resources can be used in more than way.
During construction and renovation, a lot of material goes to waste if you don’t find a different purpose for it. If you care about your budget (and you surely do), you must know about a couple of popular solutions that may enable you to utilize as much of the materials you bought as possible.

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What can be done with granite offcuts?

Most manufacturing processes cannot be completely lossless – there is always some amount of the material left and its usefulness varies. Fortunately, those leftovers after manufacturing process of a granite worktop can still be used and you wouldn’t want to waste such an expensive material, right?
Granite offcuts of any shape and size are one of the best materials for decorative purposes – they can be shaped into tables, figurines and other small elements. Offcuts can be a great addition to outdoor décor, as they can be for example used as stepping stones in the garden or as additional decorative elements of a stone terrace. Read More